Are There States in Figma?

Figma is a popular collaborative design tool that allows users to design, prototype and collaborate in real-time. It’s the go-to tool for UI/UX designers and developers alike, with an impressive suite of features that make it easy to create creative designs. But one feature that sets it apart from other design tools is its “states” feature.

States are essentially variations of your design that can be applied quickly and easily. They allow you to create different versions of a design with just a few clicks.

For example, you can create multiple different states of a website homepage with different layouts, colors or text. This makes it much easier to quickly iterate on designs and experiment with different ideas without having to start from scratch each time.

The states feature also makes it possible to test out designs in real-time by adding interactive elements such as buttons or links. This allows you to quickly get feedback from users on what works and what doesn’t without having to wait for them to view the actual website or application. You can also use states to create simple animations or transitions between two pages — something that’s not possible with other design tools.

Another great thing about states is that they’re stored within Figma so they’re always available whenever you need them — no more digging through folders or hunting around for the right version! In addition, since all changes are stored in Figma, you can easily roll back any changes you make if something doesn’t work out as planned.

Overall, Figma’s states feature is an incredibly powerful tool for designers and developers who want to quickly experiment with different variations of their designs without having to start from scratch each time. With its real-time collaborative features, Figma makes it easy for teams of any size to work together on a project and ensure everyone is up-to-date with the most recent version of the design. So yes, there are states in Figma — and they make an incredible addition to this already powerful design tool.


Are There States in Figma? The answer is yes! States are an incredibly powerful feature that makes it easier than ever before for designers and developers alike to create multiple versions of their designs quickly and easily while collaborating in real-time on a project.