Can AutoCAD Open PLT Files?

Can AutoCAD Open PLT Files?

If you work with technical drawings and blueprints, you might be familiar with the PLT file format. PLT, which stands for Plotter File, is commonly used in the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) industry.

AutoCAD, being one of the leading CAD software programs, is often used to open and work with PLT files. In this article, we will explore whether AutoCAD has native support for PLT files and how to open them using this powerful software.

The Nature of PLT Files

Before delving into whether AutoCAD can open PLT files, let’s briefly understand what a PLT file actually is. A PLT file contains vector graphics data that represents a drawing or plot created by a plotter device or a printer.

It includes information such as lines, curves, text, and colors that make up a technical drawing. These files are widely used in architecture, engineering, and design industries.

AutoCAD’s Compatibility with PLT Files

AutoCAD natively supports several file formats for importing and exporting drawings. However, when it comes to opening PLT files directly within AutoCAD without any additional plugins or converters, there is no built-in support for this specific file format.

This means that by default, you cannot simply double-click on a PLT file and expect it to open in AutoCAD like other supported formats such as DWG or DXF.

Workarounds to Open PLT Files in AutoCAD

If you need to work with PLT files using AutoCAD, there are a couple of workarounds available:

  • Use a Third-Party Plugin: There are various third-party plugins available that provide support for PLT files within AutoCAD. These plugins typically add an import or open option specifically for PLT files in the AutoCAD interface, allowing you to directly access and work with them.
  • Convert PLT to a Supported Format: Another option is to convert the PLT file into a format that AutoCAD can open.

    One common approach is to convert the PLT file to DXF (Drawing Exchange Format), which is widely supported by AutoCAD and many other CAD programs. Several online converters or specialized software tools can perform this conversion for you.


While AutoCAD does not have built-in support for opening PLT files, you can still work with them using third-party plugins or by converting them into a format like DXF that AutoCAD can handle. These workarounds enable you to integrate PLT files into your AutoCAD workflow, making it easier to collaborate and edit technical drawings within the software.

In summary, if you frequently encounter PLT files in your line of work, exploring these alternative options will allow you to leverage the power of AutoCAD while working with this specific file format.