Can Canva Images Be Used for Print on Demand?

Canva images are extremely popular for creating digital content such as website graphics, logos, and posters. However, many people don’t realize that Canva images can also be used for print-on-demand products.

Print-on-demand is a process where products like t-shirts, mugs and other items are printed with custom designs.

Using Canva images for print-on-demand is an easy way to make custom designs without having to learn a complicated design program like Photoshop or Illustrator. All you need is an image from Canva that you like and a few clicks of your mouse to get started.

You can start by selecting an image from the Canva library. There are thousands of images available, including photos, illustrations and vector graphics.

Once you have selected your image you can customize it by adding text, shapes and effects such as shadows or filters. You can also upload your own artwork or photos if you prefer.

Once your design is complete you can then upload it to a print-on-demand service such as Printful or Printify. These services will then take care of printing the product and shipping it to your customer.

The Benefits of Using Canva Images for Print On Demand

  • Canva images are easy to customize – You don’t need any experience with design software to create beautiful prints.
  • Canva images look professional – The high quality of the imagery ensures that your prints will look professional and polished.
  • Canva images are royalty free – You don’t have to worry about copyright issues when using Canva images for print on demand.


Canva images are a great option for creating custom designs for print-on-demand products.

They are easy to customize, look professional and are royalty free so there is no need to worry about copyright issues. With just a few clicks of the mouse you can create stunning prints that will delight your customers.