Can Canva Schedule Post to Instagram?

Canva is a very popular online design platform used to create stunning designs and visuals. It provides users with a range of tools, templates and features that make it easy to create almost any type of graphic.

One of the many features that Canva offers is the ability to schedule posts for social media platforms. This feature allows you to create your post, add images or videos, write captions and then set a specific time for the post to be published. You can also choose which platform you want to post on, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

So, can Canva schedule posts to Instagram? The answer is yes! Canva has recently added support for scheduling posts directly on Instagram. This feature makes it extremely easy to plan out your content in advance and ensure that everything is posted at the right time.

Using Canva’s scheduling feature is simple; all you need to do is select ‘Schedule’ when creating your post and then choose which platform you want it posted on. Then you can set the time and date when you would like your post published.

Once you have scheduled a post on Canva, it will be sent directly to Instagram when the designated time arrives. You will receive a notification from Canva once your post has been published.


Canva’s scheduling feature makes it easy for users to plan their content in advance and ensure that their posts are published at the right time. With this feature, users can now easily schedule posts on Instagram directly from within Canva.