Can Figma Display GIF?

Figma is a powerful user interface (UI) design tool that allows developers and designers to create, collaborate, and prototype apps, websites, and software. It’s popularly used for UI/UX design projects for its easy-to-use vector editor and its ability to support multiple users on the same project.

The Figma platform has several features that make it a top choice for UI/UX designers. Figma has a library of icons and fonts that users can easily access and use in their designs. It also supports both vector and raster images, allowing users to easily incorporate photos or illustrations into their designs.

But can Figma display GIFs? The answer is yes!

Figma does support GIFs, meaning you can add moving images such as videos or animations to your design projects. To do this, simply upload the GIF image file into the File Manager at the top right corner of your screen.

Once the GIF is uploaded, you’ll be able to drag it onto your canvas. From there, you can resize it as needed just like any other image or element in your design. You can also add styling options such as color filters or opacity adjustments if desired.

In addition to displaying GIFs, Figma also supports adding video files like MP4s or WebM files. To add a video file, simply upload the video into File Manager just like with a GIF. Then drag it onto your canvas where you’ll be able to resize and adjust it as needed.

Figma is an incredibly powerful and versatile design tool that makes UI/UX design projects easier for developers and designers alike. With its support for both GIFs and videos, users are able to add animations or videos into their designs with ease.

Conclusion: In conclusion, yes – Figma does support displaying GIFs in addition to video files like MP4s or WebM files. This makes it much easier for developers and designers to include animations in their designs which adds more creativity and personality to their projects.