Can Figma Export Animated GIF?

Figma is a popular vector-based design software used by professional designers for creating high-quality user interfaces. It has the ability to export in various formats, such as PNG, SVG, and PDF. But can Figma export animated GIFs?

The short answer is yes, Figma can export an animated GIF. Figma allows you to create frames and animate them with ease.

You can also add text, images, and other elements to your animation. After creating the animation, you can export it as an animated GIF file.

To export an animated GIF in Figma, open the file that contains the animation and select File > Export > Animated GIF from the top menu bar. This will open up a dialog window where you can customize the settings for your animated GIF. You can specify the size of your image, frame rate, loop count, and more.

Once you have configured your settings, click on Export to save your file as an animated GIF. You can then use this file in other applications or post it online to share with others.


In conclusion, it is possible to export an animated GIF from Figma by using its built-in tools. With its easy-to-use features and customization options for exporting animations, Figma makes it easy for designers to create high-quality animations for web and print projects.