Can Figma Export to Zeplin?

Figma is a versatile UI/UX design platform that enables designers to create and collaborate on designs, prototypes, and animations. One of the advantages of Figma is that it allows users to export their work in various formats, including HTML, SVG, and PNG.

However, one format that Figma does not currently support is Zeplin – a popular platform for sharing design specs with developers. While Zeplin does have native integrations with other tools like Sketch and Adobe XD, it does not yet offer an integration with Figma.

Fortunately, there are several workarounds for exporting your Figma design to Zeplin. The simplest solution is to use the “Export as SVG” option in Figma to generate an SVG file of your design, which can then be imported into Zeplin via the “Import from Sketch or Adobe XD” option. This will allow you to view your design in Zeplin as if it had been created in Sketch or Adobe XD.

Another workaround is to use an online converter such as SVGtoZeplin ( to convert your Figma SVG file into a Zeplin-compatible format. This tool will allow you to upload an SVG file and then generate a compatible ZIP file that can be imported into Zeplin.

Finally, for more complex designs that require multiple images or detailed animations, you can use the “Export as HTML” option in Figma to generate an HTML page containing all of your design elements. This page can then be uploaded directly into Zeplin using the “Import from HTML” option.

In summary, while there is no native integration between Figma and Zeplin at present, there are several workarounds available that allow you to export your designs from Figma and view them in Zeplin. Whether you opt for the manual approach of exporting an SVG file or take advantage of an online converter or HTML export option, it is possible to bring your designs into Zeplin without too much effort. Can Figma Export To Zeplin? The answer is yes!