Can Figma Import Sketch?

Yes, Figma can import Sketch files. This is a great advantage for designers who want to switch between the two applications without having to start their designs from scratch. With Figma, you can import Sketch files with all the necessary elements and layers intact, from text and images to shadows and effects.

The process of importing Sketch files into Figma is incredibly simple. All you have to do is open your Sketch file in Figma and the application will automatically convert it into a Figma project. This makes it possible for designers to quickly move between platforms without having to redo any of their work.

The conversion process does come with some caveats though. Due to differences between the two applications, there are some elements that cannot be accurately converted from Sketch to Figma.

These include text boxes with multiple lines of text, as well as certain effects such as Inner Shadow and Outer Glow. Additionally, while most fonts will be converted correctly, certain fonts may not be supported by Figma.

Nevertheless, these limitations are minor compared to the overall benefit of being able to easily import Sketch files into Figma. This feature makes it possible for designers to use both applications interchangeably without having to worry about losing any of their work.


In conclusion, Figma can indeed import Sketch, making it easier for designers who prefer one application over another but need access to both platforms for various projects. While there are some limitations in terms of what elements can be accurately converted from Sketch to Figma, the overall benefit still outweighs any potential drawbacks.