Can Figma Open Axure Files?

Figma is a vector graphics design tool that is used to create user interface designs. It has become popular among web designers and developers because it is easy to use and provides an array of tools for creating complex designs. But one question that has been asked a lot lately is – can Figma open Axure files?

Axure is a popular wireframing and prototyping tool.

It enables designers to create wireframes, prototypes and other interactive visuals quickly. However, while Axure files are highly popular among web designers, they cannot be opened in Figma directly.

This is because Figma and Axure use different file formats. While Axure uses .rplib files, Figma uses .fig files.

This means that if you want to open an Axure file in Figma, you will need to convert it into a .fig file first. Fortunately, there are several tools available online which can help you with this task.

Figma vs Axure:

The main difference between Figma and Axure lies in the way they are used by designers. Figma focuses more on creating user interface designs while Axure concentrates on creating prototypes and wireframes. Another difference is that Figma allows for collaboration between multiple users while in Axure only one user can work on the project at a time.


To conclude, yes, it is possible to open an Axure file in Figma but it requires the conversion of the .rplib file into a . Although both tools have their own advantages and disadvantages when it comes to web design projects, their compatibility issue needs to be addressed so that designers can make use of both tools for their projects.