Can Figma Remove Background?

Figma is an online design software that has been making waves in the industry for its speed, convenience, and ease of use. It allows users to quickly make changes to the design without the need for coding. It also offers a wide range of tools for creating attractive visuals and animations. But one of the most popular features it offers is its ability to remove background from images.

Removing backgrounds from images can be a tedious task, but with Figma, it’s a breeze. All you need to do is open an image in Figma and click on the ‘Remove Background’ button located on the right-hand side menu. This will open up a dialog box with options like ‘Freehand Selection’, ‘Magic Eraser’, ‘Brush’, and ‘Lasso’. You can then use these tools to select the area you want to remove from your image.

Once you are done selecting the area, simply click on the ‘Remove’ button at the bottom of the dialog box and your background will be removed from your image. You can then adjust other settings like background color, size, opacity, etc., as per your requirement.

Figma also offers additional features such as object masking, which allows you to add more control over your selection by allowing you to mask out specific objects within an image. This way, you can easily make sure that only certain areas are removed while leaving other parts intact.

Overall, Figma’s background removal feature makes it easy for users to quickly edit images without needing any coding knowledge. It provides a great way for designers to create unique visuals without spending too much time on manual adjustments or tedious processes. So if you’re looking for a fast and convenient way to edit images without any hassle, Figma’s background removal feature should definitely be considered.


Yes, Figma can remove background from images with ease. It provides various tools such as freehand selection, magic eraser and object masking which make it easy for users to quickly edit their images without needing any coding knowledge or tedious processes.