Can I Add Animation in Figma?

Animations have become a popular way to add visual interest to websites and mobile apps. Adding animations to Figma is becoming increasingly easier as the platform continues to evolve and expand its capabilities. With simple drag-and-drop tools, you can quickly and easily create complex animations that can be used for any type of design project.

Figma offers two types of animation tools – the timeline-based animation editor and the frame-by-frame animation editor. The timeline-based editor is great for creating more complex animations that require multiple pieces of artwork or elements moving around in different directions.

It allows you to set keyframes, which are markers that indicate when an element should start or stop moving in a certain way. You can also adjust the speed of the animation and add easing effects, which add a more natural feel to the motion.

The frame-by-frame animation editor is a simpler option if you just need basic movements or transitions between two pieces of artwork or elements. This type of editor allows you to draw individual frames on a canvas, which will then be automatically combined into an animation when played back in Figma. You can also adjust how quickly each frame transitions into the next one and how long each frame should remain visible before transitioning into the next one.

Once your animation is complete, you can easily export it as an animated GIF, MP4 video file, or even an HTML5 video file so that it can be used on any website or application. Animations created in Figma are also compatible with other popular platforms such as Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion so that they can be further customized if needed.

Overall, Figma makes adding animations simple and easy for designers of all levels of experience. With its intuitive tools and flexible options, it’s easy to create compelling animations that bring life to any design project without having to learn complicated software programs like Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion.


In conclusion, yes you can definitely add animations in Figma with ease using either its timeline-based animation editor or its frame-by-frame animation editor. You’ll be able to adjust keyframes, speeds and easing effects as well as export your work as animated GIFs, MP4 videos or HTML5 videos for use on webpages or applications.