Can I Add Bleed in Figma?

When you are designing a website or an app, bleed is an important factor to consider. Bleed is the amount of space that goes beyond the boundaries of the design elements.

This helps create a professional and polished look for your design, as it allows for a consistent background colour or image to flow from one element to another. But, can you add bleed in Figma?

The answer is yes, Figma does allow for bleed when designing. You can set up your bleed area by going into the “settings” of your project and adjusting your bleed size.

The maximum bleed size you can set in Figma is 0.25 inches (1/8th inch). This should be sufficient for most designs that require a slight overlap between elements.

Once you have set up your bleed size, you will need to adjust your design elements accordingly. For example, if you are creating a button that needs to have a slight overlap with the background image, then you will need to make sure that it extends beyond the normal boundaries of the button and into the bleed area.

In addition to adjusting existing elements, you may also want to create new elements specifically for providing additional bleed space. For example, if you are creating a logo with multiple colours that need to blend together seamlessly, then adding an extra white space around each colour can help create a more seamless transition between them.


It is possible to add bleed in Figma when designing websites and apps. Bleed helps create a professional and polished look for your design by allowing for consistent backgrounds and images throughout different elements on the page.

Setting up the bleed area in Figma is easy – simply go into settings and adjust your bleeds size up to 0. You may also want to adjust existing elements or create new ones specifically designed for extra bleed space.