Can I Crop a Shape in Figma?

Using Figma is a great way to design and create digital products. One of the most useful features is being able to crop shapes within a design.

Crop shapes allow users to easily create precise shapes and use them as elements in their designs. This can be done in just a few steps.

First, you’ll need to select the shape you want to crop. To do this, simply click on the shape and it will be highlighted in blue. Next, you’ll need to use the Select Tool, located in the right-hand tools panel, and drag it around the shape to select only the portion of the shape that you want to crop.

Once you have selected the area of your shape that you want to keep, simply press CMD/CTRL + K or go to Object > Crop. You’ll then be presented with a preview of what your cropped shape will look like.

If it looks good, click Apply, otherwise click Cancel. Your cropped shape is now ready for use!

Note: Keep in mind that cropping shapes can change your design’s overall composition. Be sure to take this into account when cropping shapes.

In conclusion, cropping shapes in Figma is an easy way to quickly create precise elements for your designs. With just a few steps and clicks, you’ll have your cropped shape ready for use.

Can I Crop a Shape in Figma?

Yes! You can easily crop shapes within Figma by selecting the area of your shape that you want to keep and then pressing CMD/CTRL + K or going to Object > Crop from within Figma’s menu bar. Cropping shapes can help improve your design’s overall composition and make it easier for users to interact with elements onscreen.