Can I Duplicate a Page in Webflow?

Sure, here’s an in-depth article about duplicating a page in Webflow:

Have you ever wondered if you can duplicate a page in Webflow? Well, the answer is yes!

Duplicating a page can save you time and effort, especially when you want to create multiple pages with similar layouts or content. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps to duplicate a page in Webflow.

Step 1: Accessing the Pages Panel

To begin duplicating a page, you need to access the Pages panel in your Webflow project. You can find this panel on the left-hand side of your Webflow Designer interface. Simply click on the “Pages” tab to open it.

Step 2: Selecting the Page to Duplicate

In the Pages panel, locate and select the page that you want to duplicate. Once selected, you will see various options for that specific page.

Step 3: Duplicating the Page

To duplicate the selected page, simply click on the three-dot menu icon next to its name. From the dropdown menu that appears, choose “Duplicate”.

Note: You can also use keyboard shortcuts to duplicate a page. Press “Ctrl” (or “Cmd” for Mac users) + “D” to quickly duplicate the selected page.

Step 4: Renaming the Duplicated Page (Optional)

By default, Webflow assigns a name with “-copy” appended at the end of the duplicated page’s title. If desired, you can rename it by clicking on its name and typing a new one.

Step 5: Modifying Content and Layout

Once duplicated, your new page will have the same content and layout as the original page. You can now make modifications to the duplicated page, such as changing text, images, or rearranging elements to suit your needs.


Duplicating a page in Webflow is a simple and effective way to save time and effort when creating multiple pages with similar layouts or content. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you can easily duplicate a page and make any necessary modifications to create unique pages for your website.

Remember: Duplicating a page is different from creating a template. While duplicated pages share the same layout and content initially, any changes made to one will not affect the other. Templates, on the other hand, allow you to create reusable layouts that can be applied across multiple pages.

  • TIP: If you need to duplicate multiple pages at once, you can use the “Duplicate” option in the Pages panel with multiple pages selected.
  • TIP: Duplicating a page is especially useful when you want to create landing pages or product pages that have similar structures but different content.

With these easy steps, duplicating a page in Webflow becomes a breeze! Start saving time and effort by using this handy feature today.