Can I Embed Figma Prototype in Google Slides?

Figma is an online interface design software that allows users to create interactive visual designs. It’s a great collaborative tool for product designers, developers and other stakeholders to collaborate on projects. In addition to being used for designing user interfaces, it can also be used as a prototyping tool.

But what if you wanted to share your prototype with a wider audience? Can you embed your Figma prototype in Google Slides? The answer is yes, you can!

Figma has created an integration with Google Slides that allows users to embed their prototypes directly into the presentation. This makes it easy for you to showcase your work without having to leave the comfort of the presentation program. The integration also allows for real-time collaboration between all stakeholders, as changes made in Figma are automatically reflected in the prototype embedded in Google Slides.

To get started, first download the Figma Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, open up your Figma project and click on File > Publish > Embed Prototype in Google Slides.

You can then choose which prototype you wish to embed and select either a view-only or editable version. Once selected, click Generate Link and copy it into your clipboard.

Next, open up your Google Slides presentation and insert an image by clicking Insert > Image > URL and pasting the link into the space provided. You should then be able to see a preview of your prototype within the slide itself! If you’d like to make any changes or updates while presenting, simply click on “Edit Prototype” within the slide itself, which will take you back to Figma where changes can be made and they will automatically be reflected within the slide itself!

The ability to embed a Figma prototype into Google Slides is great news for anyone who wants to present their work without having to leave the comfort of their presentation software. Not only does it make collaboration easier between stakeholders, but it also saves time when creating presentations as there is no need for manual updates or adjustments when changes are made in Figma!

In conclusion, yes – You can embed Figma prototypes into Google Slides! All you need is the Chrome Extension from Figma and then follow a few simple steps such as generating a link from Fimga and inserting an image with URL from Google Slides – And voila! Your prototype will be embedded directly into your slides!