Can I Export Figma Prototype?

Figma, a vector graphics editor and prototyping tool, is gaining popularity among UI/UX designers. It allows users to quickly create design mockups and interactive prototypes for web, mobile and desktop applications. One of the most popular features of Figma is its ability to export prototype files for use in other applications. But can you export a Figma Prototype?

The answer is yes! With Figma, you can easily export your prototype as an HTML file or PDF. This will allow you to share your design with others or embed it into another application. You can also export the prototype as an image or video file so you can use it in presentations or other projects.

To export your prototype from Figma, first select the “Prototype” tab in the left-hand side menu, then click the “Export” button on the top right corner of the page. From there, select either “HTML” or “PDF” as your output format and click “Export” to save your file.

In addition to exporting a prototype, you can also customize your Figma prototypes before exporting them. You can add annotations and comments to help explain how different components work together in the design. You can also adjust animation speed and add transitions between different states of the prototype.


In conclusion, you can export a Figma prototype as an HTML file, PDF file, image file or video file for use in other applications or presentations. You can also customize your prototype with annotations and comments before exporting it.