Can I Export Figma to React?

Figma has become a popular tool for web designers and developers alike due to its ability to export designs into React components. This makes it easy for developers to quickly and accurately implement designs without having to manually write code. The process of exporting Figma designs into React components is quite simple and can be done in a few steps.

First, you will need to create your design in Figma. Make sure that your design is complete and all layers are in place before you start the export process.

Once your design is done, you can select the “Export” option from the top menu bar. Here, you will be able to select which elements of your design you would like to export as React components.

After selecting the elements you wish to export, Figma will generate an HTML file with all of the code necessary for creating the React components. This HTML file can then be imported into a text editor and edited as needed. Once your edits are made, the HTML file can then be saved as a .jsx file.

The .jsx file will contain all of the code necessary for creating the React components from your Figma Design. To use this file in your project, simply import it into your project’s main JavaScript file. From there, you can begin using the exported components in your application.


Yes, it is possible to export Figma designs into React Components. The process is relatively straightforward and can easily be accomplished within a few steps. All that is required is an understanding of how HTML files are generated from Figma exports, as well as knowledge on how to import these files into a text editor and save them as .jsx files.