Can I Import Figma Files Into Sketch?

Sketch and Figma are two of the most popular design tools for UI/UX designers, and the features and capabilities of both are well-known. But what about interoperability between the two? Can I import Figma files into Sketch?

The short answer is yes.

You can import Figma files into Sketch, but there are some limitations. To do so, you must first export your Figma file as an .sketch file, which can be done by going to File > Export > Export as .sketch in the Figma user interface. This will create a Sketch file that you can open in Sketch.

Once you have your file in Sketch, you may find that some elements don’t look quite right or don’t work properly. This is because the way certain elements—particularly those with effects—are interpreted between applications isn’t always consistent. In some cases, you may need to manually adjust the style or position of certain elements after importing them.

You may also find that some objects, such as symbols and master pages, don’t transfer over from Figma into Sketch at all. To work around this, try creating a new artboard in Sketch with similar dimensions and placing your imported objects onto it.


In conclusion, it is possible to import Figma files into Sketch – however there will likely be some manual adjustments that need to be made to ensure all elements are displayed correctly. Additionally, certain objects such as symbols and master pages may not transfer over at all. Therefore, when importing from one application to another it is important to remain aware of potential differences in how each application interprets certain elements.