Can I Install Figma on Ubuntu?

Figma is a powerful graphic design application that can help you create stunning designs. It’s available on Windows and Mac, but can you install it on Ubuntu?

The answer is yes, but there are some limitations. Figma is officially not supported on Ubuntu, so you won’t be able to download the official version from the website.

However, there are third-party options that allow you to run Figma on Ubuntu.

The first way to get Figma running on your Ubuntu machine is to use a WINE-based solution. WINE is an open-source compatibility layer that allows Windows applications to run on Linux and Unix-like operating systems.

You can use WINE to install and run Figma, though the performance may not be as good as the native version.

Another option is to use a virtual machine (VM) such as VirtualBox or VMWare Player. With these tools, you can install a copy of Windows in a VM and then install Figma in there. This will allow you to access all the features of Figma without having to worry about compatibility issues.

Finally, there are some third-party solutions that offer pre-built packages of Figma for Ubuntu users. These packages usually come with their own set of dependencies and may require additional configuration in order for them to work correctly.


Yes, it is possible to install Figma on Ubuntu if you use one of the methods described above. However, performance may not be as good as with the native version and you may need additional configuration for some third-party packages in order for them to work correctly.