Can I Open Figma on iPad?

Figma is an incredibly powerful and popular design tool for creating user interfaces for web, mobile and desktop applications. It’s available as a web application, as well as a desktop program for Mac and Windows. But with the growing popularity of iPad, many designers are wondering if they can open Figma on the iPad too.

The good news is that Figma offers an official app for iPad. It’s currently in beta and only available to select users, but it’s a great way to get access to all the features of Figma on your iPad.

The app includes all the same features as the web and desktop versions, including vector editing tools, layers, text formatting tools, export options and more. It also supports collaboration features so you can work with others in real-time.

Using the Figma app on your iPad is easy; simply download it from the App Store and sign in with your existing Figma account. Once you’re signed in, you can open any of your existing projects or create new ones from scratch. You can use any of the same design tools you’d use on your desktop or laptop computer, including vector editing tools, layer manipulation tools, text formatting tools and more.

In addition to its design capabilities, Figma also allows you to share projects with others directly from the iPad app. You can invite collaborators via email or link to share feedback or make edits in real-time. This makes it easy to collaborate with others even when away from your desk.


So yes – you can open Figma on an iPad! The official app is still in beta but offers all the same features as its web and desktop counterparts – including collaboration features so you can work with others in real-time. Download it from the App Store today and start designing right away!