Can I Remove Made in Webflow?

Can I Remove Made in Webflow?

If you are using the Webflow platform to build your website, you may have noticed that by default, a “Made in Webflow” badge or link appears on your published site. While this badge serves as a way to promote the Webflow platform, it may not always align with your branding or aesthetic preferences. In this article, we will explore whether it is possible to remove the “Made in Webflow” badge from your site and discuss the potential implications.

Understanding the “Made in Webflow” Badge

The “Made in Webflow” badge is a small label that appears on websites built using the Webflow platform. It typically appears at the bottom of the page or in the footer section. This badge is automatically added by Webflow to showcase that the website was created using their tools and services.

While some users appreciate and embrace this badge as a way to support and promote Webflow, others may prefer not to display it. Whether it’s because of branding considerations or personal preferences, you might be wondering if it is possible to remove or hide this badge.

Removing the “Made in Webflow” Badge

Option 1: Upgrade to a Paid Plan

If you are on a free plan with Webflow, removing the “Made in Webflow” badge will require upgrading to a paid plan. The paid plans offered by Webflow provide more flexibility and customization options for your website, including the ability to remove their branding.

Option 2: Custom Code

If you have coding experience or access to a developer, another option is to use custom code to hide or modify the appearance of the “Made in Webflow” badge. By Targeting the specific CSS class or element associated with the badge, you can override its default styling or hide it completely. This method requires a good understanding of HTML and CSS.

Option 3: Third-Party Plugins

There are third-party plugins and scripts available that claim to remove or modify the “Made in Webflow” badge. These plugins often provide additional customization options for your Webflow site. However, it is important to carefully research and choose reputable plugins to ensure compatibility and security.

Potential Implications


While removing the “Made in Webflow” badge allows for greater branding control, it’s essential to consider the implications. If you remove the badge entirely, visitors may not immediately recognize the platform used to build your website. This can be relevant if you want to showcase your expertise with Webflow or if potential clients specifically seek out Webflow-built websites.


When you remove the “Made in Webflow” badge, it is important to note that you may lose access to certain support channels provided by Webflow. Some support forums or communities may require users to have the badge displayed as a way of verifying their usage of the platform.

In Conclusion

In summary, while it is possible to remove or modify the “Made in Webflow” badge on your website, there are considerations and implications involved. Upgrading to a paid plan with Webflow provides an official way to remove their branding, while custom coding and third-party plugins offer alternative solutions. However, think carefully about how removing this badge may impact your branding and access to support resources before making a decision.