Can I Save a Figma File Locally?

Figma is a powerful online design software that enables users to quickly create designs and collaborate with others. It also has the ability to save files locally. This means that users can easily store their Figma files on their own computers, making them more accessible and easier to share.

When saving a Figma file locally, there are several options available. One option is to Export the file as an image, PDF, or SVG.

This allows you to download the file in its original format and save it wherever you want. Another option is to use the Save as feature, which allows you to save a version of the file in your local drive. You can also use the Save As Local Copy feature, which will save a copy of the file in your local drive and also create a link back to the original design.

In addition to saving files locally, Figma also allows users to share files with others. You can easily share files directly from Figma or through email. If you want to share files with someone who does not have access to Figma, you can export them as an image or PDF and send it directly through email.


  • Easy Accessibility: By saving your Figma files locally, they are much more accessible than if they were stored online.
  • Easy Sharing: You can easily share your designs with others by sending them through email or other services.
  • Flexible Options: There are multiple options available for saving your Figma files locally.


  • No Direct Link: When you save a file locally, there is no direct link back to the original design on Figma.
  • Lack of Version Control: When you save a version of the file in your local drive, it is not saved on Figma’s servers so there is no version control.


Overall, saving a Figma file locally gives you easy access and sharing options while still allowing you to maintain control over your designs. It’s important to consider both pros and cons when deciding whether or not this is something that would benefit your workflow.




Yes! You can definitely save a Figma file locally for easy accessibility and sharing options while still maintaining control over your designs!