Can I Sell a Journal I Made on Canva?

Making personalized journals is a great way to stay creative and organized. Whether it’s a journal for your daily tasks, an inspirational journal, or a journal that you can use to document your life’s journey, creating one is a rewarding experience.

Canva is a popular design platform used by many people to create stunning designs for various purposes. From fliers to posters and even artwork, Canva has you covered in terms of design needs.

Fortunately, Canva also makes it easy for users to make their own journals. With the help of templates, users can customize their journals with images and texts of their own choosing.

Selling Journals Made on Canva

Once you have made your journal using Canva, the next step is selling it! There are many different ways to sell your journal online.

You can set up an online store or create an Etsy shop where you can list your journals for sale. You may also consider listing them on social media sites like Facebook or Instagram where potential customers can find them easily.

When selling your journals on any platform, be sure that you clearly explain the features of each item as well as its price. Additionally, be sure that all images used in the design are properly licensed so that there are no issues with copyright infringement. Finally, if possible use high-quality images and graphics so that customers are more likely to purchase your product over other competitors’.


In conclusion, yes you can sell journals made on Canva! By following the necessary steps such as setting up an online store or creating an Etsy shop and making sure all images used are properly licensed, you can have success in selling your customized journals online!