Can I Transfer Webflow?

Can I Transfer Webflow?

If you are using Webflow for your website design and development, you might be wondering whether you can transfer your site to another platform or not. The answer is yes, you can transfer your Webflow website to a different hosting provider or content management system (CMS). In this article, we will explore the different options and steps involved in transferring your Webflow site.

Why Transfer Your Webflow Site?

There could be various reasons why you may want to transfer your Webflow site:

  • Migrating to a different CMS: If you have outgrown Webflow’s capabilities or prefer to use a different CMS like WordPress or Shopify, transferring your site allows you to make use of the features and functionalities offered by the new platform.
  • Switching hosting providers: If you are looking for more affordable hosting options or better performance, transferring your site to a new hosting provider can help achieve those goals.
  • Clients’ requirements: If you built a website for a client using Webflow and they want to move their site to their own hosting account or another CMS, transferring the site becomes necessary.

Transferring Your Webflow Site

The process of transferring your Webflow site involves a few essential steps:

Step 1: Export Your Site

To start the transfer process, log in to your Webflow account and navigate to the project dashboard. From there, select the project that you want to transfer.

Go to “Site Settings” and click on “Export Code.” This will allow you to download a ZIP file containing all the assets and HTML code of your website.

Step 2: Choose a New Platform

After exporting your Webflow site, you need to select a new platform or CMS where you want to transfer your site. Consider the specific requirements and features that you need for your website and choose a platform that best meets those needs.

Step 3: Set Up Your New Platform

Once you have chosen a new platform, sign up for an account and set up your website. This may involve installing the CMS software, choosing a theme or template, and configuring the necessary settings.

Step 4: Import Your Webflow Site

Now it’s time to import the exported Webflow site into your new platform. The process may vary depending on the CMS or hosting provider you are using. Generally, there are plugins or tools available that can assist with importing HTML code and other assets into the new platform.

Step 5: Customize and Optimize

After importing your Webflow site, you may need to customize the design, layout, and functionality of your new website. Take advantage of the features provided by the new platform to achieve the desired look and feel of your site.

Note: If you had any dynamic content or interactions in your Webflow site, you might need to recreate them using the tools available in your new CMS.


In summary, transferring your Webflow site is indeed possible. By following these steps outlined above, you can successfully migrate your website to a different hosting provider or CMS while maintaining your website’s design and content. Remember to thoroughly plan out the transfer process and choose a platform that aligns with your requirements.