Can I Use Color Codes in Canva?

The answer is yes!

Canva, who is a popular graphic design platform, allows users to input their own color codes which can then be used within the platform. You can use hex codes, RGB and HSL values to customize your designs, ensuring you get the exact color you need for your project.

With Canva, you can easily copy and paste a color code into the program. Once the code has been pasted in, it will appear as an option when selecting colors for your project. This makes it easier to stay consistent with branding and other design elements.

Canva also provides predefined palettes of colors which can be used in projects. You can also create your own custom palette by selecting and saving specific colors to use in future projects. This feature makes it easier to use a consistent set of colors across multiple designs.

Color Picker Feature

Canva also offers a Color Picker feature which allows users to select any color from their screen or image. This feature enables designers to quickly find the exact shade they need without having to manually enter a code. The Color Picker also allows users to adjust the color’s hue, saturation and lightness until they get the perfect shade.

Making Color Changes

If you need to make any changes to the colors within your Canva project, you can do so with ease. Simply double click on the element that needs changing and select from either saved palettes or enter a custom code of your choice.

In conclusion, Canva makes it easy for users to implement any type of color code into their projects. With its Color Picker feature and ability to save custom palettes, achieving consistency with branding is simple and straightforward.

Can I Use Color Codes in Canva


Canva supports both hex codes, RGB values and HSL values so that users have complete control over their designs’ color scheme. It’s easy to copy and paste a code into the program or utilize its Color Picker feature when creating projects. Additionally, saved palettes ensure consistency across multiple designs while still allowing for flexibility when making updates or tweaks throughout the process.