Can I Use Figma Without Internet?

Figma is a popular web-based vector graphics editor used to create and collaborate on user interface designs. It allows designers to work together in real-time, enabling them to quickly iterate on ideas and make changes as needed.

The platform also offers a range of powerful features such as design systems, responsive design, and animation tools. It’s easy to see why Figma has become a go-to platform for many designers.

For those who want the convenience of using Figma without an internet connection, it’s possible but there are some limitations. While you can technically use the software offline, most of the features that make Figma so powerful are not available without an internet connection. This means you won’t be able to collaborate with other designers in real-time or access any of the more advanced features like design systems or animation tools.

It is still possible to use Figma offline as long as you have all the assets you need downloaded onto your computer before going offline. You can then open a project and make basic changes while disconnected from the internet. However, any changes made while offline will not be saved until an internet connection is reestablished.


So while it is possible to use Figma without an internet connection, it is highly limited and most of its powerful features are not available without an internet connection. Therefore, it is best used with an active internet connection for maximum functionality.