Can Multiple People Work on the Same Figma?

Figma has grown to become a popular design tool for collaborative work. It’s quickly become the go-to software for creating high-quality designs and prototypes, which makes it an ideal choice for teams that need to work together on projects.

One of the most common questions about Figma is whether multiple people can work on the same project at once. The answer is yes, but there are a few things you should know before you start.

First off, you’ll need to grant access to other users who want to collaborate with you. You can do this by adding them as collaborators in your project settings, or by inviting them directly from the “Share” menu. Once they’re in, each user will be able to view the project and make changes as they see fit.

When it comes to editing files, it’s important to note that only one user can edit a file at a time. This means that if two people are trying to work on the same file at once, only one of their changes will be saved. To ensure that everyone’s changes are properly tracked and saved, use Figma’s versioning system which allows users to save different versions of the same file and switch between them as needed.

But what if two people are working on different parts of the same project? Figma has several ways of making sure everyone stays in sync even when they’re working on separate files or portions of a design.

For starters, there’s the “Commenting & Conversations” feature which allows users to have conversations about specific elements within a design or prototype without actually having to edit them. This ensures that any conversations about specific elements don’t get lost in translation when someone else is making edits elsewhere in the document.

Then there are design systems which allow teams to maintain consistency across all their projects by using components like colors, icons, and typography styles throughout different designs and prototypes. Design systems also make it easier for multiple users to work together simultaneously because each user can reference the same elements instead of having to recreate them from scratch every time they open up a new document or prototype.

Finally, Figma also has version control features that allow designers and developers to see exactly who made what changes over time and how those changes were implemented into a project or prototype. Version control also helps ensure that everyone is always looking at up-to-date information so collaboration doesn’t break down due to outdated information or miscommunication between team members.

As you can see, Figma makes collaboration between multiple people extremely easy while still allowing each user complete freedom when it comes to creating designs and prototypes from scratch or editing existing ones. With its robust commenting & conversation features, design systems capabilities, and version control tools, Figma provides all the necessary tools for teams who need an efficient way of working together on projects with confidence that all their changes will be tracked properly along the way.


In conclusion, yes – multiple people can work on the same Figma project with ease thanks to its robust collaboration features like commenting & conversation tools, design systems capabilities and version control tools.