Can We Play Video in Figma Prototype?

Video can be a great way to make your prototypes more engaging. However, when it comes to Figma, the question of whether or not you can play video in a prototype is not as straightforward. The short answer is yes, you can add video to your Figma prototypes.

You can upload videos directly into Figma as an embedded asset. When the video is embedded, the viewer can click on it and watch it right within the prototype.

This makes it very easy for viewers to interact with and experience your design. Additionally, you can also add a video as an interactive element within the prototype.

When adding video as an interactive element in Figma, there are two ways to do so: through a Video Player component or by using a Linked Frame. The Video Player component is a simple drag-and-drop element that allows you to upload videos directly into your prototype. It provides basic play/pause controls and playback options for viewers.

The Linked Frame option allows you to link frames together in order to create an animated sequence of events. This option is great for creating interactive prototypes that require more complex interactions than just playing a video. It also gives viewers additional control over their viewing experience.

Conclusion: In conclusion, playing videos in Figma prototypes is possible with both the Video Player component and the Linked Frame feature. Both options provide users with an engaging way to interact with and experience your design without having to leave their browser window or open up additional applications. With these two methods combined, designers have all of the tools they need to create compelling prototypes with videos at their disposal.