Can XD Open Figma Files?

Figma and Adobe XD are both popular design tools used by a variety of industries. They both have their own advantages and disadvantages, making them great for different use cases. But can XD open Figma files?

The short answer is no. Adobe XD does not currently have the ability to directly open Figma files, as the two programs use different file formats.

Figma uses .fig files while Adobe XD uses .xd files. That being said, it is possible to import some elements from Figma into Adobe XD.

One way to do this is to export the elements you need from Figma as an SVG or PNG file and then import them into Adobe XD. This will allow you to bring over certain elements that you need without having to manually recreate them in Adobe XD. However, this doesn’t work for all elements, such as complex shapes or layers with multiple components.

All in all, while it’s not currently possible to directly open Figma files in Adobe XD, it’s still possible to import certain elements from a Figma design into an Adobe XD document.


In conclusion, it is not currently possible for Adobe XD to directly open Figma files due to the difference in file formats between these two design tools. However, it is possible for certain elements from a Figma design to be imported into an Adobe XD document by exporting them as SVGs or PNGs.