Can You Animate Slides in Canva?

The short answer is yes, you can!

Canva is a powerful design tool that lets you create stunning designs from scratch or from templates. With Canva, you can add animated effects to your slides and create beautiful visuals for presentations, videos, websites, and more.

When it comes to animating slides in Canva, there are several options available. You can choose from a variety of animations, including transitions between slides and moving objects within a slide. You can even make your own custom animation using the animation editor.

To get started with animating slides in Canva, first select the slide that you want to animate. Then click on the “Animate” button at the top of the page to open the Animation Editor.

In the Animation Editor, you will see a timeline along with a list of available animations on the left side. To apply an animation to your slide, simply drag and drop it onto the timeline. You can also customize each animation by changing its duration or adding additional effects such as fading or rotating an object within a slide.

In addition to animating slides in Canva, you can also add sound effects and music to your presentations by clicking on the “Audio” button at the top of the page and selecting from one of Canva’s many sound libraries or by uploading your own audio files.

Canvas also allows users to export their presentation as a video file in various formats such as MP4 or MOV so that they can be shared online or used in other applications.


Canvas is an incredibly powerful tool for creating stunning visuals and animations for presentations and videos. The Animation Editor makes it easy to add animated effects to your slides while also providing plenty of customization options for each individual animation. Additionally, users can export their presentations as video files so they can be shared online or used elsewhere.