Can You Change Font in Figma?

There are many different design tools available today, and Figma is one of the most popular. Figma is a browser-based vector graphics editor that allows designers to create and collaborate on digital designs. But one question that comes up often is: “Can you change font in Figma?”

The answer is yes! Figma does offer a variety of font options for designers to choose from.

You can easily switch between fonts by clicking on the font dropdown menu in the top toolbar. There you’ll find a variety of free and paid fonts to choose from. If you have access to Google Fonts, you can also add those to your designs as well.

In addition to fonts, Figma also offers a range of other typography features such as font size, line height, letter spacing, text alignment, and more. This makes it easy to quickly adjust the look and feel of your text without needing to dive into any code. You can even set up auto-scaling for your text so that it always stays at an appropriate size for your design.

For those who are more experienced with typography, Figma also offers advanced features such as ligatures and kerning adjustments. This makes it possible to get even more creative with how your text looks and feels on the screen. You can even set up style sheets which make it easy to maintain consistent typography throughout your designs.

Overall, Figma provides a great way for designers to quickly adjust the look and feel of their text without needing any coding knowledge or experience. With its wide range of typography options, it’s easy to get creative with how you present your content on the screen.


In conclusion, yes – you can change font in Figma! With its intuitive interface and powerful typography features, it’s easy for anyone – from beginners to experts – to create impressive designs with customised fonts.