Can You Create Badges on Canva?

Canva is an amazing online tool that provides users with a variety of options to create beautiful designs. One of the features Canva offers is the creation of badges.

Badges are a great way to recognize someone’s accomplishments or simply add some flair to any design project. With Canva, it’s easy to create customized and professional-looking badges for any occasion.

To get started, open up Canva and select the “Create a Design” option. Then, choose the “Badges” category from the left-hand menu.

This will open up a selection of templates and images that can be used as starting points for your badge design. Templates are already designed with specific themes in mind, so they can be great for quickly creating something that looks professional. If you’d rather start from scratch, you can also choose an image or background and add your own text and shapes.

Once you’ve chosen a template or image, it’s time to start customizing your badge design. With Canva, this is easy thanks to their range of editing tools.

You can adjust the font size, color, and style as well as adding shapes and images to make your badge unique. You can also add borders to give it more definition or even use one of their pre-made styles such as gold or silver.

When you’re happy with how your badge looks, all you have to do is hit save and it will be ready for you to download or share online. You can also print out your design if needed. The best part about Canva is that all the designs created are free to use so you don’t have to worry about spending money on creating badges.


Yes! You can easily create badges on Canva by selecting the “Badges” option in their design menu. With an extensive selection of templates and editing tools available, creating beautiful badges has never been easier!