Can You Create Videos in Figma?

Video design is an essential component of any visual communication. It has the power to capture and engage audiences with its dynamic visuals, captivating audio and powerful storytelling capabilities. As a result, video creation is becoming increasingly popular among designers and marketers alike.

Figma has become a go-to tool for designing user interfaces and websites. It’s powerful yet intuitive features make it easy to create beautiful designs quickly. But is it possible to create videos in Figma?

The answer is yes! Figma has added video editing to its suite of design tools, making it possible for designers to create compelling motion graphics with ease. The intuitive video editing interface allows users to cut, trim, add transitions, adjust speed and even add text overlays for a more professional look.

The best part about creating videos in Figma is that all of the work can be done within the same tool without having to switch between applications. This saves time and keeps everything organized in one place. Additionally, the videos can be exported as GIFs or MP4s which can then be shared on social media or embedded into websites.


Creating videos in Figma is an efficient way for designers to bring their ideas to life. With its intuitive editing interface and powerful features, it’s easy to create engaging motion graphics that will captivate viewers. Whether you’re creating explainer videos or promotional material, Figma provides a great platform for creating visually stunning videos.