Can You Embed a Figma Prototype?

The short answer to the question of “can you embed a Figma prototype?” is yes. Figma allows users to easily embed prototypes into webpages, emails, and other applications for collaboration and feedback.

Figma is an incredibly popular design platform used by designers and developers around the world for creating interactive prototypes and user interfaces. It has a powerful set of tools for creating high-fidelity designs quickly, including vector drawing tools, color pickers, text editors, and more.

Embedding Figma prototypes allows designers to quickly iterate on designs and get feedback from stakeholders without having to build out a full website or application. This is especially useful when time is of the essence and the design team needs to make decisions quickly.

How to Embed a Figma Prototype

Embedding a prototype in Figma is incredibly intuitive and easy. All you need to do is open up your prototype in the web version of Figma then open up the Prototype tab located in the top-right corner.

Once there, you can select which page you would like to embed using the dropdown menu at the top.

You will then be presented with two options: “Share Link” or “Embed Code”. Selecting either one will generate a unique URL or HTML code that you can copy and paste into any webpage or application.

Considerations when Embedding Prototypes

When embedding prototypes it’s important to consider how they will be viewed by others. Prototypes are generally designed with specific use cases in mind so it’s important that they are viewed in context with that use case in order for them to be effective.

This means considering things like what device will be used for viewing (desktop vs mobile), what type of interaction should be supported (mouse vs touch), and any other factors that might impact how someone interacts with your prototype.


In conclusion, it’s possible to embed a Figma prototype into webpages, emails, and other applications for collaboration purposes with ease. It’s important however, when doing so that considerations such as device type are taken into account as this may affect how users interact with your prototype.