Can You Embed in Figma?

The Figma platform is becoming increasingly popular for its ease of use and versatility when it comes to designing user interfaces and creating animations. While the platform has a variety of features, one that is often overlooked is its ability to embed external content. This feature can be used to add interactive elements to designs, such as video, audio, or 3D models, that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to add directly in Figma.

Embedding content in Figma is relatively simple. All you need to do is find the content you want to embed (such as a YouTube video) and copy the link.

Then open the project you are working on in Figma and select the “Embed” tool. Paste the link into the text box, click “Add”, and your content will appear in your design.

Figma also allows you to style embedded content with custom CSS rules. This means that you can adjust the size, color, font size, and other properties of your embedded objects. This feature makes it easy to match your embedded content with existing design elements or create something entirely new.

Figma also supports embedding code from HTML, JavaScript, and other languages. You can use this feature to add interactive elements such as buttons or forms directly into your designs. This makes it easy for developers to quickly test out changes without having to build out a full application.


Yes! You can embed external content in Figma using links or code from HTML, JavaScript, and other languages.

Additionally, you can style embedded elements with custom CSS rules for more control over how they appear in your project. In short – Figma’s embedding features make it an incredibly powerful tool for creating interactive designs quickly and easily!