Can You Embed Video in Canva?

Canva is a great tool for creating stunning visuals with limited design skills. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface has made it the go-to tool for many people looking to create beautiful graphics. Canva also has a huge library of stock images and templates that can be used to create stunning visuals quickly and easily. But can you embed video in Canva?

The answer is yes, you can embed video in Canva. You can do this by uploading a YouTube or Vimeo link directly into the image area of your design, or by uploading a .mp4 file from your computer. Once the video has been uploaded, it will appear as a thumbnail in the image area of your design, and you can then drag and drop it into place.

Adding Video To Existing Designs

If you already have an existing design with text and images, adding video to it is easy.

Just select the ‘Add Image’ option from the top menu bar and upload your YouTube or Vimeo link as before. Or if you’re using an .mp4 file from your computer, click on the ‘Upload’ button instead. The video will then appear as a thumbnail in your design which you can drag and drop into place as desired.

Using Video As A Background

You can also use videos as backgrounds for your designs in Canva. This is done by selecting the ‘Backgrounds’ option from the top menu bar and then clicking on the ‘Video’ tab at the top of the window that appears. From here you can upload your YouTube or Vimeo link or upload an .mp4 file from your computer just like before. The video will then appear as a background in your design which you can adjust to fit perfectly using the corner handles that appear when hovering over it with your mouse cursor.

Editing Video In Canva

Canva also offers some basic editing tools for videos such as trimming, cropping, adjusting playback speed and adding filters such as sepia tone or black & white effects. To access these tools just hover over the uploaded video in your design with your mouse cursor until an ‘Edit’ button appears at its bottom left corner – click this button to open up all of these editing options in another window.

In conclusion, Canva does offer users the ability to embed videos within their designs either directly from YouTube/Vimeo links or .mp4 files from their computers – along with some basic editing tools such as trimming, cropping and adjusting playback speed etcetera – making it easier than ever to create stunning visuals with moving elements quickly and easily!