Can You Export a PNG From Figma?

It’s no surprise that Figma is the most widely used design platform for creating slick and professional designs. But what if you need to export a PNG from Figma?

Is it possible to do so? The answer is, yes. Exporting a PNG file with Figma is a simple and straightforward process.

Converting an Image

To convert an image from your design in Figma to a PNG file, simply select the image you want to export, navigate over to the ‘Export’ option in the top toolbar, and click ‘Export selected’. From here, you can choose whether you’d like to export as a PNG or JPG file (or both). You can also adjust the scale of the image and its resolution before exporting.

Exporting Multiple Images

If you’re looking to quickly export multiple images at once as PNG files, Figma has a handy feature where users can select multiple images they want to export. All you need to do is click on each of the images while holding down the Shift key.

Once selected, navigate over again to ‘Export’ in the top toolbar and click ‘Export All’. This will automatically convert all images into PNG files with one single click.


In conclusion, it is indeed possible to export a PNG from Figma. Whether it’s a single image or multiple images that require conversion into PNG files, users can easily use Figma’s Export options to accomplish this task with minimal effort.