Can You Export Figma Comments?

The ability to export Figma comments is one of the most important features for any design tool. With this feature, designers can easily share their feedback and collaborate with other designers on projects. But just how easy is it to export Figma comments?

Figma allows users to export comments in a variety of formats, including HTML, CSV, and PDF. The process is fairly straightforward and doesn’t require users to have any technical knowledge. All that’s required is a few clicks of the mouse.

When viewing a project in Figma, users can select the comment they wish to export. From there, they will be given several options for exporting the comment.

They can choose to export it as an HTML file or as a CSV or PDF file. Users can also choose whether or not to include all of the comments in the file or just those associated with a particular layer or object.

Once the user has selected their desired format, they will be given an option to download their file. The downloaded file will contain all of the necessary information regarding the exported comment, including its author and date.

The ability to export Figma comments makes it easier than ever for designers to share feedback and collaborate on projects. With just a few clicks of the mouse, designers can quickly download their comments in any format they need.


Can You Export Figma Comments? Yes! Exporting Figma comments is easy and intuitive thanks to its versatile interface allowing for exporting in multiple formats such as HTML, CSV and PDF files.