Can You Export Figma to AI?

Figma is an increasingly popular design collaboration platform, with features that allow designers to quickly create, collaborate and share designs with their team. But can Figma be exported to Adobe Illustrator (AI)?

The short answer is yes, you can export Figma files as vector graphics in AI format. Figma allows users to export vector graphics directly from the platform into AI file formats. This makes it easy for designers to take their designs from Figma and use them in other applications.

When exporting a Figma file as an AI document, the user has the option to select either SVG or PDF format. SVG will provide a higher quality image, while PDF will offer a smaller file size. The user also has the option of selecting the DPI (dots per inch) for their exported file.

In addition to exporting files from Figma as vector graphics in AI format, users can also export individual elements from their design as raster images in PNG or JPG formats. This allows for more flexibility when working with other applications.


  • Figma’s AI export feature provides users with a straightforward way to convert their designs into vector graphics that can be used in other applications.
  • Users have the flexibility to select different image formats and dpi settings when exporting their files.


  • The quality of an exported image may vary depending on the dpi setting used.
  • Some features available in Figma may not be supported when exporting a file as an AI document.


In conclusion, it is possible to export Figma files as vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator (AI) format. Users have control over what image format and dpi setting they use when exporting their design, however there may be some features not supported when converting a design into an AI document.