Can You Export Smart Animation From Figma?

Figma is a popular vector graphics software used for creating user interfaces and animations. It is used by many designers and developers for creating complex interactive designs. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Figma has become the go-to tool for many professionals. One of the main features that makes Figma so popular is its ability to export smart animations.

Smart animations are precise movements of elements that happen at a certain time or place. This type of animation gives designers more freedom to create complex designs with ease. With Figma’s smart animation feature, users can easily create precise transitions between layers, objects, and even text. They can also create detailed effects such as fading, scaling, translating, rotating, etc., all within the software.

To export smart animations from Figma, users need to first select the object they want to animate. Once they have done this, they can set up their desired properties such as duration and type of animation in the Properties Panel on the right side of the interface. After setting up all options for their animation, users can then export it in various formats including GIFs, SVG files or even video formats such as MP4.

In addition to exporting smart animations from Figma, users can also use it to share their designs with other people or collaborate on projects. By using Figma’s sharing feature, users are able to quickly share their designs with their team members or clients without having to send them a file each time.


Figma’s ability to export smart animations allows designers and developers to quickly create complex interactive designs with ease. By selecting an object and setting up its properties in the Properties Panel on the right side of the interface, users can easily export their animations in various formats including GIFs and video files such as MP4s.