Can You Freehand Draw in Figma?

Figma is an online design platform that has revolutionized the way designers create designs. It allows users to collaborate on projects in real-time, as well as to quickly and easily switch between design elements.

With its intuitive user interface, Figma makes it easy for users to create beautiful designs with minimal effort. But what about freehand drawing? Can you draw in Figma without any extra tools?

The answer is yes! You can draw freehand in Figma using the Pen tool. The Pen tool is a powerful tool that can be used to draw shapes, lines, and curves with precision.

It allows users to create intricate designs with ease. In addition, the Pen tool has a number of features such as the ability to snap objects into place and adjust the line weight of your drawings.

In addition to using the Pen tool, Figma also offers other tools for drawing freehand shapes and illustrations such as the Brush tool and Artboard tool. The Brush tool allows you to draw shapes by drawing on a canvas while the Artboard tool lets you create illustrations by adding objects like rectangles, circles, or lines.

Another great feature of Figma is that it supports vector drawing which means that you can scale your drawings up or down without losing quality or resolution. This makes it ideal for creating logos or icons that need to be scaled up or down without compromising on quality.


Yes, it is possible to freehand draw in Figma using its powerful Pen Tool as well as other tools such as Brushes and Artboards. Vector drawing is also supported which means that drawings can be scaled up or down without compromising on quality which makes it ideal for creating logos and icons.