Can You Group Items in Canva?

Canva is an online graphic design platform that allows users to create layouts, designs, and other visual content. Canva helps you create beautiful visuals for all of your projects, from presentations and marketing materials to social media posts and more.

One of the many features of Canva is the ability to group items together on the canvas. This makes it easy to move multiple objects together or arrange them in a specific way.

Grouping allows you to take multiple objects such as shapes, images, text boxes, lines, and more, and treat them as one object. This makes it much easier to move objects around the canvas without worrying about them getting separated or out of alignment. It also makes it easier to apply formatting changes such as size adjustments and color changes since all grouped objects will be affected at once instead of individually.

Canva also gives you the ability to ungroup items if you need to make individual changes or move them separately from each other. This is particularly useful if you need to make small adjustments or reshape something within a group of objects. To ungroup items in Canva, simply select the group you want to ungroup and click on the “Ungroup” button in the top toolbar.

You can also use grouping in Canva when working with text boxes. Grouping text boxes together can make it easier for you to maintain consistent alignment when editing text boxes with different amounts of content or fonts sizes. You can also use grouping when adjusting font styles across multiple text boxes at once instead of having to do each one individually.

Grouping items in Canva is a great way to save time when editing visuals on your canvas and make sure that all elements are perfectly aligned with each other without any hassle or frustration. With just a few clicks, you can easily move multiple items around your canvas while maintaining precision and accuracy with every edit!


Can You Group Items in Canva?

Absolutely! Grouping allows users to take multiple objects such as shapes, images, text boxes, lines, etc., and treat them as one object for easy movement around the canvas while maintaining precision accuracy with every edit.