Can You Import a Font Into Canva?

Designing a project can be daunting, especially when you have to choose from the limited fonts available on your platform. Canva is a popular online design tool with over 8 million users worldwide.

It offers a wide range of templates and tools to help you create great designs, but it does not allow you to import custom fonts. However, there is a workaround for this problem: you can import fonts into Canva by converting them into web-friendly format.

The first step is to find the font you want to use and download it onto your computer. Once the font is downloaded, you need to convert it into a web-friendly format such as WOFF or WOFF2.

To do this, you can use online services such as FontSquirrel or Transfonter. After uploading the font file, these services will generate the converted files which can then be used in Canva.

Once your font is ready in web-friendly format, all you need to do is upload it into Canva’s text editor. To do this, click on ‘Add text’ button on the left side of the screen and then select ‘Custom Fonts’ from dropdown menu. Here, select your desired font from the list and it will be added to Canva’s library.

Now that your custom font has been imported into Canva, you can start styling your text using bold and underline options available in font style bar above the text editor. You can also adjust other features such as line spacing, letter spacing etc., which will help make your project look more professional.


In conclusion, yes – you can import a font into Canva by converting it into web-friendly format and then adding it to their text editor. Additionally, you can use bold and underline options available in font style bar above the text editor to make your project look more professional.