Can You Import Figma Into XD?

Figma and Adobe XD are two of the most popular design tools used by web and graphic designers alike. They both offer a wide range of features that make them powerful tools for creating beautiful designs.

But when it comes to portability, there is one question that many designers have been asking: Can you import Figma into XD?

The answer is yes, you can import Figma designs into Adobe XD. Adobe XD has an import feature that allows you to import designs from Figma with a few simple steps.

To begin, open up your Figma project in the Editor window and then click on the File menu at the top of the screen. Then select “Export” and select “AdobeXD” as your file format. Once you have saved the file in this format, you can then open it up in Adobe XD.

Once your Figma design has been imported into Adobe XD, you will be able to work on it just like any other design. You will be able to edit it, add elements, change colors, apply effects, and more. You can also take advantage of all of Adobe XD’s features such as grids, guides, artboards, and other features.

Figma vs Adobe XD

Figma and Adobe XD offer a lot of similar features but there are some key differences between them as well. Figma is more focused on collaboration while Adobe XD is more focused on creating professional-looking designs quickly and efficiently. Also, Figma has more powerful vector editing tools while Adobe XD offers more flexibility with its artboard feature.


In conclusion, it is possible to import Figma designs into Adobe XD with just a few simple steps. This makes it easy for designers to move their projects between these two popular design tools with ease. With this ability to port projects between different platforms, designers have greater flexibility when creating their designs.

Can You Import Figma Into XD?

Yes! You can easily import designs from Figma into Adobe XD using its native import feature.