Can You Import SketchUp Into Lumion?

Can You Import SketchUp Into Lumion?

If you are a 3D designer or architect, chances are you have come across SketchUp and Lumion in your line of work. Both of these software programs are widely used in the industry for their powerful features and ability to create stunning visualizations.

But can you import SketchUp into Lumion? Let’s find out.

SketchUp: A Brief Overview

SketchUp is a popular 3D modeling software developed by Trimble Inc. It is known for its user-friendly interface and intuitive tools that allow designers to create detailed 3D models quickly. With SketchUp, you can design anything from simple furniture pieces to complex architectural structures.

Lumion: A Brief Overview

Lumion, on the other hand, is a real-time 3D rendering software that takes your 3D models to the next level by adding realistic lighting, materials, and landscapes. It allows architects and designers to create captivating visualizations that bring their designs to life.

The Workflow: Importing SketchUp into Lumion

Importing SketchUp models into Lumion is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few steps:

  1. Create Your Model in SketchUp: Start by designing your 3D model in SketchUp. Use the various tools and features available to create an accurate representation of your design.
  2. Export Your Model as an FBX File: Once you have finished designing your model, it’s time to export it as an FBX file. Lumion supports the FBX file format, making it easy to transfer your models between the two programs. To export as an FBX file, go to “File” and then “Export” in SketchUp. Choose the FBX format and save the file to your desired location.
  3. Import Your Model into Lumion: Launch Lumion and open the project you want to import your SketchUp model into. In the Lumion interface, go to the “Import” tab and click on “Import Model.”

    Locate the FBX file you exported from SketchUp and select it. Lumion will now import your model into the scene.

  4. Adjust Materials and Lighting: Once your SketchUp model is imported into Lumion, you can start fine-tuning its appearance. Use Lumion’s extensive library of materials and textures to enhance the realism of your model. Adjust the lighting settings to create a desired atmosphere for your visualization.
  5. Render Your Visualization: With everything set up, it’s time to render your visualization in Lumion. Depending on your system specifications, rendering times may vary. Once completed, you can export the final result in various formats or even create a walkthrough animation to showcase your design.

The Benefits of Using SketchUp with Lumion

The integration between SketchUp and Lumion offers several benefits for designers:

  • Enhanced Realism: By importing your SketchUp models into Lumion, you can take advantage of its realistic lighting and materials to create visually stunning visualizations that impress clients and stakeholders.
  • Quick Iterations: The seamless workflow between SketchUp and Lumion allows designers to make quick iterations on their designs. Changes made in SketchUp can be easily updated in Lumion without starting from scratch.
  • Great Presentation Tool: Lumion’s real-time rendering capabilities make it an excellent tool for presentations. You can easily navigate through your model, change materials on the fly, and showcase different design options to clients and colleagues.


In conclusion, yes, you can import SketchUp models into Lumion. The workflow is simple and allows designers to take advantage of Lumion’s powerful rendering capabilities to create impressive visualizations. By using these two software programs together, you can enhance the realism of your designs and streamline your workflow.

If you haven’t already, give SketchUp and Lumion a try. You’ll be amazed at what you can create with these powerful tools!