Can You Import XD to Figma?

Figma and Adobe XD are both popular design tools used by professionals and students throughout the world. Each tool has its own unique features and capabilities, but one of the most common questions that comes up when discussing these two programs is: Can you import XD to Figma?

The short answer is yes, you can indeed import XD to Figma. This is thanks to an integration between the two programs that allows users to easily transfer their designs from one program to the other. This integration makes it easy for designers who use both tools to quickly move their work back and forth without having to manually recreate elements or adjust settings.

When importing a design from Adobe XD into Figma, the process is straightforward. First, open your design in Adobe XD and select “Export” from the File menu.

This will open a new window where you can select “Figma” as your export format. Once selected, hit “Export” and your design will be converted into a format that can be imported into Figma.

Once you have exported your design from Adobe XD, open up Figma and select “Import” from the File menu. You will then be prompted to select the file you just exported from Adobe XD. Select this file and click “Import” to bring all of your design elements into Figma.

Using this method, it is possible to quickly and easily transfer your designs between Adobe XD and Figma without having to worry about manually recreating elements or adjusting settings. The process is simple enough that even those unfamiliar with either program should have no trouble transferring their work back and forth.


In conclusion, it is indeed possible to import Adobe XD designs into Figma using an integration between the two programs. The process is simple enough that anyone should be able to easily transfer their work back and forth without having any issues.