Can You Link Buttons in Figma?

The ability to link buttons in Figma is a great way to improve the user experience of your design and make it easier for users to navigate. Figma allows you to link buttons to other parts of your design, such as another screen, a specific layer, or even an external webpage.

This feature makes it easy for users to quickly jump between different parts of your design without having to manually switch between screens or layers.

Linked buttons can be applied in a few different ways in Figma. First, you can link a button directly to an external website.

This could be helpful if you want to add links to external resources or if you want users to be able to quickly jump out of your design and into an external page. Additionally, you can also link buttons within your own design by connecting them with other elements on the canvas. For example, you can create a “back” button that takes users back to the previous screen when clicked.

In addition to linking buttons, Figma also allows you style them in various ways. You can adjust the size and color of your buttons as well as tweak the thickness of their outlines and borders. You can also add text labels, images, and icons inside of your buttons for further customization.

In conclusion: Can You Link Buttons in Figma? Yes!

Linking buttons in Figma is easy and allows users to quickly jump between different parts of your design without manually switching between screens or layers. Additionally, you can also style the linked buttons with various options such as size, color, thicknesses, labels, images and icons.