Can You Make a Transparent Background in Canva?

Canva is an incredibly useful design platform for creating beautiful graphics for websites and social media. It’s a great tool for professionals and hobbyists alike, with its easy-to-use drag and drop interface.

But can you make a transparent background in Canva? The answer is yes – and it’s easy to do!

Transparent backgrounds are important in digital design, as they allow you to layer different elements on top of each other without obscuring any of them. To create a transparent background in Canva, all you need to do is select the background color of your image and select the “transparent” option. This will make the background completely invisible on your design.

Once you’ve made your background transparent, you can add other elements to your design as needed. You can choose from Canva’s library of stock images or upload your own images to use. You can also add text, shapes, and icons to further customize your design.

When you’re finished with your design, simply download it as a PNG file. This will ensure that the transparency remains intact when viewing the image on other platforms or devices. You can also save it as a JPEG if needed.


Canva makes it easy to create beautiful designs with a transparent background quickly and easily. All you need to do is select the “transparent” option when selecting the background color for your image – then add whatever elements you need to complete your design.