Can You Make an Interactive PDF in Figma?

Figma is a powerful tool for digital design, enabling teams to create and collaborate on layouts, interactions, and other design elements with ease. But what if you want to create an interactive PDF in Figma?

Is this possible? The answer is yes!

Creating interactive PDFs in Figma is relatively straightforward. First, create your design as normal in Figma.

When you’re happy with it, export it as a PDF file. Then, open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Here you can add interactive elements such as buttons, forms, and links that will make your PDF more engaging to viewers.

One of the great advantages of creating interactive PDFs in Figma is that you can easily share them with other team members and clients for feedback. This means that everyone involved can have an up-to-date version of the PDF without any confusion or lost changes.

In addition to creating interactive PDFs in Figma, you also have the option of using third-party tools such as InDesign or QuarkXPress to achieve similar results. However, these tools are more complex and often require additional software licenses or plugins. With Figma’s intuitive interface and collaboration capabilities, creating interactive PDFs is much simpler.

In conclusion, creating interactive PDFs in Figma is not only possible but also relatively simple compared to other design tools. Furthermore, it offers an easy way for teams to collaborate on designs without any confusion or lost changes. All of these factors make Figma an ideal choice for designing interactive PDFs.