Can You Make Motion Graphics With Figma?

Motion graphics have become a popular tool amongst marketers and designers worldwide to create captivating visuals. Motion graphics are used to create short, engaging videos that help to bring the ideas of a project or business to life.

Figma is a popular design platform that enables users to design, prototype and collaborate with teams in real-time. With Figma’s extensive library of tools, users can create beautiful designs quickly and easily. Figma also offers motion graphics capabilities for users who want to create dynamic visuals.

Figma’s motion graphics capabilities allow users to animate their designs and add effects like fades and transitions. The platform also provides powerful features such as keyframe animation, easing curves, easing functions, and more which enable users to create smooth animations with ease. Additionally, Figma provides users with access to hundreds of ready-made components that can be used in their motion graphics projects.

Users can also export their motion graphics projects for use in other applications such as video editing software or web platforms. This creates a seamless workflow between design and production, allowing users to quickly move from one process to the next without having to re-create assets or start over from scratch.

Figma is becoming an increasingly popular choice for creating motion graphics due to its intuitive user interface and powerful tools. The platform’s library of components makes it easy for designers of all skill levels to create stunning visuals quickly, while the export options make it easy for those visuals to be used in other applications.


Yes, you can make motion graphics with Figma! With its extensive library of tools and components, you can create stunning visuals quickly and easily. You can also export your motion graphics projects for use in other applications such as video editing software or web platforms – creating a seamless workflow between design and production.